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Thank you for visiting my website. I was inspired to start Reterns because I began noticing: many experienced retirees don't want to retire entirely.

I did an internship at a Civil Engineering firm- "Company X" and met *Mike. Mike worked for many years with the City of San Diego and then briefly retired before joining Company X as a consultant.

Most retirees have decades of professional experience. If you are one of these retirees and would like to do some online consulting with a flexible schedule, please consider completing a profile.

I have an ongoing commitment to make the services excellent at every level. I'm very excited about the future Reterns is building and look forward to sharing more soon.

Founder of Reterns

*Name modified for privacy.

About Reterns

Why We Exist:

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Retirees have accumulated knowledge & experience during their long careers, yet that valuable asset leaves their respective companies the day they leave.

At present, there is no simple way for retirees to use the knowledge and experience they've accumulated. Some have the courage and know-how to start a consulting business, develop a web presence, gather clients, chase invoices, and process all the documentation. For others, it's not worth all that effort.

Reterns wants to take care of these processes so that retirees can monetize the skills they already have and thereby live more comfortable, fulfilling latter stages of life.


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Reterns is the product of a multi-year, gradual accumulation of ideas, experiences, and conversations. I never had a single 'aha' moment.

Upon reflection, the main experiences that shaped my thinking are:
1. My parents have both retired/ unretired
2. During a summer internship, a public sector retiree did consulting work for our private engineering firm
3. Volunteering at senior living homes and hearing the things age 90+ seniors cared about most helped me further understand the importance of doing fulfilling work


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With Reterns, retirees have the power to:
1. Designate their own wage
2. Work on their own schedule
3. Pass along their knowledge and experience

Initial success for Reterns is when more than 2/3rds of the world reconstructs the outdated concept of "retirement" and embraces a flexible, balanced lifestyle of work and play.

I want retirees to easily leverage the knowledge and experience they've accumulated during their professional careers. I also want them to realize that the tools we've built at Reterns allows for flexible work in a way that wasn't possible when most current retirees started their careers.

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How It Works

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Create a profile and indicate you're interested in consulting online. Once you've provided basic info, we'll create a consulting page dedicated to you and help you find clients.

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You're in the driver's seat. By consulting online, you'll have: the freedom to work anywhere, with flexible hours, at the commitment level you choose.

How You Get Paid

When you provide consulting services as a 1099 contractor, companies send payments to Reterns, and we'll send that money to you. Right now, there are no fees unless you get paid. If you're interested, sign up here:

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