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Mark Scheer
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I've worked as a System Test Engineer For the US Navy's Research & Development and Test & Evaluation Laboratory environment for 20 years. Competencies include Test Design and Planning, Directing Tests, managing test support equipment, and managing teams. Projects include surface and subsurface navigation and object detection. Shallow water and beach zone breaching systems, Improvised Explosive Device detection and sweep systems, and more. I currently serve as a System Test Engineer for a suite of deployable end to end C4I solutions that inlcudes SATCOM. These systems use RHEL and Microsoft Virual Machines to manage a variety of IT tools useful for real-time operations. Example capabilities include VOIP, Mail, Radio and Video Telecommunications, ACAS security, C2, VDI Workstation, and more. I serve as both a System Test Engineer, and a Test Director for producing these systems and delivering them to our customers.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, B.A English Literature, minor in Computer Science
Research and Development, Testing and Evaluation, Engineering
Hobbies & Interests
Blockchain is my biggest hobby. I love to use, test, and integrate into the emerging programmable finance layers, and decentralized applications, with emphasis on chain governance systems.