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Surinder Badyal
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I have been in the field of Electronics Engineering since 1989. As electronics design Engineers, I have worked for US Air Force, start ups, and defense contractors. I’m in the process of starting a nonprofit organization to assist our fellow needy beings with food, clothing, education, and trade training. The organization will never hand out money, will provide needed items only or fees to organizations providing education or training. My wife and I are currently running this program in India with our our own funds with assistant form her teacher friend who donates her time to activities of purchasing food items for distribution to those who are absolutely in need. Planning to expand to other countries as well. Large portion of my earnings from this consulting activities will go towards the nonprofit organization.

B.S. Electronics Engineering
Hardware designs. Schematics, PCB design, component research for new or obsolete parts.
Hobbies & Interests
Electronics, meditation, and charity.