Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to create a profile?

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It is free to create a profile.

What is the fee structure?

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Reterns collects 10% of dollars transacted from retiree consultants to help offset administrative expenses.

Why should I start consulting with Reterns?

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1.) Flexibility to control your schedule
2.) Simple to start
3.) Designate your own wage
4.) Low fees
5.) Use your experience to make a little income

How do I know what wage to designate?

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Your experience is valuable and organizations will benefit from not having to pay benefits. Additionally, initial feedback has shown clients are less likely to work with consultants who have rates under $100/hour. If you are still unsure what hourly rate is appropriate, we suggest using a multiplier of 1.5 - 2x your most recent hourly wage.

Can I choose to volunteer my time?

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Yes. If you would like to volunteer your time or experience, you may do so. When completing a profile, please indicate a desired wage of $0/hour. Reterns may negotiate a fee with the company beneficiary to cover our administrative expenses.

If I begin consulting, who is my employer? Am I an employee or a contract worker?

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Upon finding an interested company/ client, Reterns will contract you as a 1099 contract worker and request payment from the company/ client before passing that money to you. Reterns collects 10% of the dollars transacted to help offset administrative expenses.

What is Reterns definition of "retiree/ retirement?"

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Reterns believes "retirement" is an outdated term. As such, we define a "retiree" as any human who: was working, is working, or considering working. We define "retirement" as a temporary career gap of any duration.

We do not discriminate on the basis of age.

Will Reterns help me find clients?

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Yes, we will help you establish an online presence and market your skills and experience.

Who are some examples of Reterns?

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- Very experienced professionals who want to "give back"
- Stay-at-home parents who are now empty nesters
Golfers who started getting bored with just golf
- Pre-mature retirees due to Covid-19
- Anyone who wants to embrace freelance, flexible work

If you have additional questions, please call Ryan at (847) 906-3254 or email: